Pakistani network partners with the Palestinian startup to provide Palestinian families with medical support

Educast, the interactive health portal for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, joined forces with the Palestinian Youth Explorer to provide medical services to mothers and children in need of medical help through e-doctors in Al-Quds, Gaza, and West Bank, the two companies have reported this week.

Under this partnership, Educast will provide Palestinian Families, including 20,000 mothers, services to over 100 female doctors residing in North America, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan.

Educast is a doctor initiative, released in 2019, providing a virtual education platform. Hundreds of Pakistani doctors are being trained who cannot enter the practice due to family strain or who avoid training when they marry or travel abroad.

Educast links doctors virtually with woman patients worldwide after school.

"Educast brings together about 150 Pakistani women licensed physicians from 12 countries for diagnostic and counseling services for women and under-attacked girls," said Arab News CEO Abdullah Butt of the site.

"Palestine's Young Explorer company will use its infrastructure to function our services and redirect them to some 20,000 women on its website who can get video-based consultations from Pakistani e-doctors," he said.

In Yemen, Educast has previously provided similar services, helping to create the first-ever Tele Center in the warning-torn country.

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