Patients Who Survive COVID-19 Infection Are Dying from Black Fungus

Mucormycosis has been identified in many cases and deaths in COVID-19 patients throughout Pakistan.

A disease specialist who sought anonymity revealed that many of the country's health facilities reported deaths from mucormycosis, but did not track them as the initial stage of the infection is very hard to detect.

A rarity yet lethal fungal infection caused by a group of molds known as mucormycosis is also known as the 'Black Fungus.' COVID-19 patients with chronic health problems including diabetes and persistent ICU remain affected by the infection.

Early signs are sinus inflammation and nasal impairment on one side of the face. Unilateral fever, swelling or numbness, toothache, and teeth relaxation.

Black Fungus leads to blackening of the nose, blurred or dual vision, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and blood coughing. These mucormycosis effects are closely related to the use of steroids used to treat acute COVID-19, including dexamethasone, which can worsen diabetes.

In addition to Pakistan, India, UK, the USA, France, Austria, Brazil, and Mexico recorded Black Fungus cases and mortality.