PITB develops PCMMDC's accounting and human resources system

The Punjab IT Board (PITB) and Punjab Cattle Market Management and Development Company (PCMMDC) have signed an agreement on accounting software creation, implementation of the PCMDC Human Resource Management Information System (HR Management Information System - HRMIS), across Punjab. PITB DG IT Operations signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations, Faisal Yousaf, and PCMDC CEO Kausar Khan.

These systems are agreed to digitize manual operations obsolete, providing trouble-free practices and reliable workflows. In accordance with the agreement. The accounting software provides real-time monitoring that can contribute to better decision-making and less pilfering while HRMIS will help simplify various human-resource activities.

PITB Chairman Azfar Manzoor has claimed in a message that HRMIS is the way to digitize the human resources systems for government departments across Punjab. The database is superimposed by a strong analytical structure to facilitate decision-making and various policy initiatives in the field of HR.