Plane door flies off just before take-off

An aircraft's emergency exit door fell off and flew onto the runway just as the plane was about to take off.

The incident occurred on the runway of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport in the United States, while the aircraft was taking off.

According to reports, the plane's two pilots were fired following the incident. WLUC-TV reported that the pilots had failed to complete the pre-flight checklist before taking off.

Tom Yon, a flight passenger, told WUPM that his carry-on bag was sucked out the ramp. However, an hour after the incident, he was able to locate his bag.

“We were about to take off, maybe at 100 miles per hour, when the door just went off with a loud boom, and the door flew off and the chaos and the wind and everything,” the station said.

“I didn't even notice my bag being sucked out of the plane. This bag was sucked straight out of the plane, and I got it right here. They turned it over to me about an hour after takeoff,” he said.

When the door flew open, Tom Yon estimated that the plane was traveling at speeds in excess of 100mph.

“I don't know what would have happened if there had been someone seated on the plane with a baby on their lap,” he added.

The event did not result in any injuries, according to the Metropolitan Airports Commission, and the emergency door was recovered from the runway.

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