PM Imran announces the 50,000 scholarships, for youth employment programs

PM Imran Khan has announced employment and 50 000 youth scholarships for high-tech courses.

PM Imran Khan reportedly addressed the young in his video message that efforts have been made to provide jobs for the young people to be involved in developing the country.

He said PKR 100 billion was spent on the business for young people and attempts are made every year to boost youth support.

Imran Khan stated employment is the largest issue for the young, adding that the private sector offers the world's greatest employment chances.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated yesterday that poor and undeveloped countries were more affected than developed ones while addressing the launch event of the EHSAAS Saving Wallets in Islamabad.

Dr. Sania Nishtar, Prime Minister's special assistant to the Social Security and Ehsaas team, also received a special tribute from Imran Khan.

He added that as the economy settled after the lockdown, the middle and middle classes were affected the most.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated the Ehsaas Program was designated the fourth successful program in the world under these circumstances.

Imran Khan stated Pakistan's Ehsaas program, according to the World Bank, includes nations that supported the impacted class quickly, transparently, and coordinately.

"We would have faced more problems if the Ehsaas program had not been implemented," it said.

The fact that the technology was used for the Ehsaas program is retained, he stated.

When discussing the relevance of Ehsaas Savings Wallets, he remarked that poverty would be alleviated if the poor section became a part of the banking system.

Imran Khan said that poverty is reduced when women enter the financial sector.

In addition, he added that the Chinese poverty mitigation model, which over the course of 35 years has lifted 700 million people out of poverty, has strongly inspired his government.