President Dr. Arif Alvi Is Aiming The Digitalization Of Government Organizations And More

Recently, Chair Dr. Arif Alvi called on government organizations, in order to improve function and operation, to digitize their respective proceedings.

The President emphasized this in his speech with Huawei's delegation, which was led by Vice President Li Xiangyu of the Huawei Middle East Region. Li Xiangyu said that Huawei has made a huge contribution to Pakistan with 10,000 jobs and $120 million in taxes on which $6 million has been invested to fund government efforts to relieve disasters.

In addition, by offering almost 10,000 certifications in 2020, Huawei has accelerated the talent in Pakistan. In addition, China's software giant aims to train a thousand Pakistani government workers to flourish in the fields of technology and science.

Dr. Alvi had praised the Chinese tech-unprecedented giant's support for the creation of an action plan for government staff training programs on the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and communications technology.