PTA provides mobile number portability support for Sri Lanka

In order to successfully introduce mobile number portability (MNP) in the region, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has extended training and technical assistance to the Telecoms Regulatory Council of Sri Lanka.

As Dawn has announced, the Sri Lankan regulatory authority plans to launch MNPs for cell telephone users around the country and plans to implement the PTA processes.

In South Asia, Pakistan became the first country to launch this smartphone user service in 2007.

MNP is a program that enables a cell phone customer without changing the number to change his network.

The MNP exerted pressure on telecom operators in Pakistan, encouraging the company to increase its service level.

Around the same time, ensuring seamless transmission calls is the major technological obstacle for the MNP.

Last month, the PTA introduced an ambitious electronic mechanism called the 'Missing and Stolen Device System' (LDS), which mostly blocks lost, stolen and snatched mobile phones.

This new system mostly allows consumers to complain to their respective authorities whether a telephone is missing or broken, and the stolen telephone is blocked 24 hours after the required check. This method is built into the device identification, registration and blocking system of the PTA (DIRBS).