Punjab govt announces that COVID vaccination at Lahore’s Expo Center to continue 24 hours

According to ARY NEWS, the Punjab government has agreed to open its mass COVID vaccination facility at Expo Center Lahore for 24 hours in order to promote a speedy process of inoculation.

According to info, deputy commissioner, Lahore made the announcement, stating that the vaccination at the Expo Center facility would last 24 hours. “Previously in Ramazan, the vaccination procedure was being carried out in double shifts at the provincial vaccine centers,” he said.

In response to an increase in COVID cases in early May, the Punjab government agreed to double the number of people working at the province's vaccination centers.

In an interview with journalists, Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that vaccination staff is being doubled at the centers to deal with the pandemic's current situation. She had also mentioned that the number of vaccine centers would be expanded to help the masses.

She said that up to 80,000 individuals are being vaccinated against the virus on a regular basis throughout the province. According to Yasmin Rashid, both organizations are working together to stop the spread of Covid-19. She stated that the provincial government would introduce more controls in cities with an increasing positivity rate.