Registration of 10 products in Europe in Pakistan to Push for GI

This include agricultural and non-agricultural goods, which become Pakistan's foreign brands. After acceptance by the Cabinet a month ago, the GI registration process began.

GI is equivalent to IPRs, as the Commercial Divesion demonstrated to the cabinet in April 2021, as it is allocated to a commodity from a given country that takes with it the quality of the trademark and the prestige of its place of origin.

In the first process of registration, these items have been authorised by the Ministry of Commerce and include Chaunsa Mango, Sindhri Mango and Kinonow, Hunza Ruby, Swat Emerald, Kashmir Tourmaline, Skardu Topaz, Skardu Aquamarine and Peridot Valley, as stated on Friday by Express Tribune.

GI would serve as an economic instrument to foster and improve national and foreign trade by increasing global demand for Pakistan's goods as well as premium rates.

The Act 2020 on Registration and Security had already been passed in Pakistan in March 2020 last year. This was done to ensure that the products of Pakistan were registered and protected, which also led to the GI registration of the products in the region.

One of those things is Basmati Rice, which was registered on 21 January 2021. On February 22, 2021 also began the GI Safety Registration procedure for Pink Rock Salt.

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for the registration of the ten goods concerned by Pakistan Trade Development Authority (TDAp) and Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC).

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