Sakina Abbas, Pakistan's First Female Google Developers Expert in Flutter

Sakina Abbas is twenty-five years old. She is the first female expert on Google Developers for Flutter in Pakistan. In short, a Google development expert (GDE) is an expert acknowledged by Google as a technician with a Google developer product (for instance, Flutter, Android, Machine Learning), with the support of creative developers by engaging closely in them and sharing their experience. There are currently over 700 GDEs worldwide who promote more than 18 Google technologies. Of those, 11 from Pakistan.

She holds a degree in Computer Science from the FAST National University of Computers. Since childhood, she was inclined to learn how to code and she wanted the 25-year-old to enter into a four-year program. Sakina Abbas began out mostly as a native Android developer and after producing a few ready-to-market Android applications, she recognized that it was her skill and she appreciated all the challenges that her road had.

Sakina Abbas said her career took place after her classmate, Abdullah, co-founded her software house ReacTree. She explains further why she decided to establish her own company: "They were excited and want to draw their contributions to foreign investment to enhance the country's IT sector."

Sakina Abbas says Flutter evolved and became popular when she launched her firm when she moves from native Android development to Flutter. Nevertheless, Abbas learned a lot about her industry before her shift to Flutter because "an active Android developer community" does not function in Pakistan. After transitioning to Flutter, she was tormented by the dread of the unknown for a while, but a colleague's support and encouragement helped her on the journey.