Samsung to Build a New Chip Plant in The United States

This year, Samsung expects to build a new chip manufacturing facility, and it is in the right direction. It is announced that by Q3 2021 the Korean tech giant is due to begin construction in the USA of a new chip factory.

This story comes from a Korean source citing Reuters, which gives a little information on the next chip plant in Samsung. It will cost about 17 billion dollars and will become available by 2024. It is being constructed in Austin, Texas, although the company has not yet announced it. Samsung expects that about 1800 jobs will be created.

This plant will mainly be used for the manufacture of chips based on an advanced lithography process of 5 nanometers of extreme ultraviolet (EUV).

Samsung has recently submitted documentation with state officials in Texas showing that Austin is considered one of the locations for its chip plant at $17 billion. Other Samsung radar sites are Arizona and New York, while Austin will probably be selected as a leak than the others.

Samsung is not the only organization that plans to build new manufacturing plants. Other leading names like Intel and TSMC are also scheduled to spend tens of billion dollars to build cutting-edge chip factories in the USA, according to some sources.

TSMC has already announced that it will spend $100 billion to solve the global chip supply shortage over the next three years to expand its capacity.

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