Secure and Revolutionary CPU Morpheus Will be Launched Soon

Do you still live in the world of imagination and fantasy? Well, now you're better off. Our regular x86 microprocessors have been a huge success, but by building an even better CPU, the Morpheus CPU, the world is advancing further. It has passed the test by several code injections and hacking techniques attempted by roughly 600 experts. The specialists have unable to corrupt it even after spending 13000 hours. Morpheus definitely is something. His technology of form changes impressed out remarkably.

Morpheus is produced in the context of a DARPA financed project. Todd Austin from Michigan University says 'People always write codes. There are also fresh problems every time a new code arrives. If the hacker comes to the code, Morpheus won't use it. Because after 50 milliseconds the crucial information disappears like magic, it's gone. I think Morpheus is the closest one in the near future to what we term full-scale safety.'

The CPU operates on the basis of memory point encryption every 100 milliseconds, which means that it always repeats the opportunity for an external attack. It acts like a vaccine, in simpler words, and it has altered its viral qualities every time you try to test it on the virus. So what you planned for it no longer remains. That's very interesting and unexpected. Morpheus's debut is yet unknown, but we hope that the digital revolution will be here soon.