Shafqat Mahmood Gives Green Signal for Special O Level Exams

Shafqat Mahmood has provided a certificate of no objection to the British Council for holding special O-Level exams in the country starting in the last week of July. The British Council will conduct the O-Level exam by itself.

Shafqat Mahmood announced in a tweet on Thursday that the exams will start on July 26 and extend until August 6.

He stated that this change will make it much easier for students of O level to receive promotions at a level of FA and FSc from September.

"It's never seen before and I'm happy Cambridge arranges this sort of examination," he said. "

A copy of the NOC was also added to the tweet.

He understood that all sectors have been harmed by the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, but that education is the worst.

"We took difficult decisions to assure the continuation of education/learning. Every option has advantages and disadvantages but students' interest and welfare is always important for us," he added.

The schedules for matric and intermediate examinations have been issued by Punjab and KP.

On 23 June and on 24 June, KP will begin matriculation exams by Thursday's announcement.

The Punjab intermediate exams will start on 14 July, while the intermediate exams will begin on 26 June for all 8 boards.