Shibli Faraz stresses the value of emerging tech for educational institutions

On Monday, Federal Science and Technology Minister Shibli Faraz stressed the importance of our educational institutions for the growth and development of new technologies in view of modern times.

He was talking to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tabassum Afzal (CUI) during his visit to the University, as stated by the Business Recorder.

He stated sometimes that industry demands should be focused on research at universities so that their fruits would hit the masses.

He said that universities are aimed not only at the awarding of certificates but at developing minds which play an important role in the country's growth and the upliftment of different sectors of the economy.

The Federal Minister visited several University Campus blocks and libraries.

The President of the CUI presented the federal minister with a thorough report on the university.

In recognition of CUI's success, Shibli Faraz said on this occasion that Pakistan is an important educational institution, so quality and not quantity should be his priority.

He said that CUI delivers quality education in many areas, but improvements are still available.

The Federal Minister emphasized earlier this month the necessity of creating the Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA) in order to make the nation's dream of the wisdom economy a reality. He said the regions will contribute to the diffusion of new technologies and improve exports throughout the world.

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