Slope Technology to Improve Tea Plantation

According to a Gwadar Pro report, Pakistan is helping Chinese tea producers improve Slope planting technology. "China is a vast country that exports tea and has greater experience," said Technical Officer's assistant. We may obtain machines and experience from them if there is cooperation at governmental level and if some ministries like the Ministry of Agriculture and Food." Our country may exploit the slope technology and achieve excellent outcomes with the support of China. Pakistan is one of the top 10 tea consumption countries; however, its output is insufficient in its requirements.

"Government should be involved in the marketing process and create rules," Naeem Ahmed, Technical Assistant, advises. "Tea is not sufficient for the domestic needs in our country. If we set up a tea board, we can cultivate tea from the woods and hills."

The concept was supported by Dr Abdul Waheed, the Director of the National Té and the NTHRI.

The special tea plantation place should be made in Pakistan. "The special tea region is established by every country that grew tea such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Brondi or other nations. They called the army in Kenya to safeguard the country. They have a state allocated entirely for cultivating tea, as in Turkey. They also get a lot of cash from a large number of agriculture fields. We (Pakistan) need tea farming gear as well." Strict rules apply to these nations and nations, and no crop other than tea is permitted to grow.

"Pakistan's tea business is confronted with the greatest difficulty of being too low for fresh tea leaves than for other nations," Further states Dr Abdul Waheed. "The growth of tea trees and the start of its output takes around 6 to 7 years. The farmers can't wait so long; for their everyday lives, they need income. Second, there is less land ownership for our farmers. They have only 3 to 4 land channels. We should raise the price so that farmers can process tea joyfully and deliver it to our manufacturers."

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