Spotify improves accessibility of those with visibility issues

Spotify has 35 million subscribers worldwide, is one of the most commonly used platforms. The company has a big responsibility to provide secure, fun, and accessible content to the public as a huge streaming provider. Spotify made many updates to its platforms in order to help people enjoy their favorite podcasts and music, but accessibility was not discussed at that time. The company is well aware of their specifications by updating the Android and iOS app, which brings users' experience with three usability improvements.

For the user, three options for accessibility are provided, including buttons with enhanced readability, text resizing options, and a podcast transcript beta.

To enjoy this update, users must either update the app or wait until it is launched by the firm. When your phone is updated, you can see color, text formatting, and size changes in buttons. Through these updates, visually disabled or visually impaired people may enjoy various features, including the once impossible shuffling playlist. In addition, this update helps users in areas where low or high-screen reflections are present.

Another improvement in the app is the resize option which allows users, according to their choices, to make the text larger or smaller. Click the Settings menu in the app for this user:

  • Head to Settings >> Accessibility on your phone and then select "Display & Text Size."
  • For larger font options, Tap "Larger Text".
  • To select the font size you want, drag the slider.

The company is also releasing auto-generated transcripts for Spotify podcasts through Android and iOS that will automatically produce transcripts. No doubt, these features are initiated for individuals having visibility issues.

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