Spotify is introducing major music sharing updates

In a recent blog post, Spotify, a renowned online music website, revealed that makes it much easier to share music. The company believes in social media over the last year, in bringing people together, more relevant than ever. Listeners such as group sessions and collaborative playlists flocked to Spotify's networking features.

Spotify then adds a new Sharing feature in order to make it smoother, which allows the listener to share during the current playtime, and the receivers get a connection directly to the stage.

The platform also upgrades the canvas functionality. The Canvas functionality transforms static song pages into video art screens for those who do not know. This gives a whole new listening experience, according to Spotify, because the device is not placed in a pocket or on a desk.

Initially, Spotify only allowed the users of Instagram stories to post these visual representations. Now, the blend is also added for Snapchat. In addition, you will preview the shared track before you go to the current app inside Spotify. In addition, you can find previsions.

Finally, the Spotify sharing menu is also updated. It has a simpler interface and an updated destination list for previewing what you share.

The update is being implemented and reaches the masses in a couple of days.