Streamers Can Earn More Benefit Twitch Set Lower Subscription Prices

Twitch is expected to make big pricing changes so consumers can now enjoy cheaper subscription rates that are located in their region. This will begin in Turkey and Mexico on 20 May and then go around the world. In principle, this implies lower prices for streamers and greater profits in the long term. These lower rates, however, are not applicable to the outside of US users.

This means that fans can pay streams and receive benefits only for $4.99 for the most inexpensive Twitch Subscription that can be converted into local currency around the world. In this way, all users worldwide can easily access Twitch and help their favorite creators.

Although this seems to lower the income of producers and streamers, Twitch has resolved the problem with the introduction of a "Revenue Adjustment Bonus," which allows Twitch users to maximize revenues for streamers as they fall under the baseline.

The incentive works as follows, according to Twitch:

"Twitch will cover 100% (if required) of the Basic Channel and Prime sub-sales, plus a month of price change, over the three calendar months. Thus, over the course of the following nine months, we shall slowly reduce incentive rewards by 25 percent per three months, totaling the 12-month incentive period."