Sun Will Completely Align With the Holy Kaaba Tomorrow

Astronomers say that on Thursday at 12:18 Saudi time the Sun will align with the Saint Ka'aba in the Grand Mosque (14:18 PST).

Experts stated that the sun's disc will be positioned directly over the Holy Ka'aba and is lost for a short time.

Majed Abu Zahra, Head for the Astronomical Society of Jeddah, said the "zero shadows" phenomenon occurs twice a year in the Grand Mosque, which is centered between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer.

"The Sun is 23.5 degrees north and south of the Earth's axis and falls directly above the Equator in places lying on its equator during the Equinox," he said. "There is no other axis than in this.

Abu Zahra said people will also have an opportunity to find out exactly where the Holy Ka'ba is going.

"This can be done through the vertical placing onto the ground of a wooden stick; the direction of the Qibla is exactly the opposite of the stick's shadow."