Taley'a Mirza: The first female web technology developer expert in Pakistan

Almost two years ago, the Google Developer Expert award was only awarded by men who were passionate about learning. However, Pakistan's women influence creators have stepped up to make a mark in the technology ecosystem, and Taley'a Mirza is one of those great examples which has recently become Google's first web technology developer expert.

Google Developer Experts is an official Google program comprising a network of expert technical experts, influencers, and leaders of thought who regularly promote entrepreneurs, businesses, and technology groups through their discussions and publication of content at events. These experts regularly help developers and start-ups around the world create and deliver highly creative applications.

Taley'a began with a love for learning and empowerment as a software developer. For over three years, she has developed her team for the construction and maintenance of the front architecture of brands. She now works at Careem, which loves to influence the local technology culture. Taley'a said the following in a tweet when he saw the news:

"I am humbled to be the first female #GDE in Web from. My goal is to encourage others women developers & increase GDE representation of women from. So, we have more role models to inspire #womenintech"

It reveals the unprecedented talents among both sexes in the technology innovation industry as these women crack boundaries and create countless opportunities.