TCS and Daraz join together to ease the experience of online shoppers

Everyone knows Daraz, an E-store where you may buy a number of things at your front door. The same is true of TCS. TCS has been working in Pakistan for many years now. The good news is that TCS and Daraz both join together to facilitate the lives of online buyers. This E-commerce and Logistics cooperation provides its consumers with a comfortable buying experience.

The world relies on e-commerce in this pandemic. Even the offices are at home now. The project will have a good effect in this time of need. The number of delivery will rise with the increased quantity of orders. This step is revolutionary to stay pace with the present and future challenges.

Haris Jamali, CEO of TCS Private Limited Group, said that 'the digital reform is one of the greatest achievements in 40 years. Captains and delivery need to be monitored in real-time as it brings huge changes. Our fleet is also growing by 30 percent this year.'

Covid has sold several companies online. The e-commerce business in Pakistan has grown annually as a report. Daraz likewise saw a 50 percent increase in its user. It suggests that customers are now adjusting to new buying modes and becoming more digital. CEO Ahmad Tanvir of Daraz also points out that Pakistan has to improve its logistical infrastructure. In this respect, businesses such as TCS react positively.

This initiative will certainly generate benefits for e-commerce as well as the online shopping logistics infrastructure.