The First MG HS Moves Off The Pakistan Assembly Line

Recent news has just rejected the production line in Lahore from one of Pakistan's first electric cars, i.e. the MG HS SUV. Javed Afridi first announced this, taking images of the assembled vehicle.

In general, this will be a big advantage for the company at MG since delivery delays or shortcomings are not possible. In addition, new vehicles are being added into the existing range of the company.

In his talks with the international media, Javed Afridi claimed that the production plant will be fitted with machinery, equipment, and staff to assure the assembly of excellent electric vehicles domestically rather than rely on exports. This went further to the intent of the corporation to construct some right-handed vehicles.

Three additional vehicles will be included in the lineup: one is a family car at an inexpensive price. Therefore, it appears that the future of EV's in Pakistan is quite bright and further development is expected in Pakistan soon.

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