The Internet storm video of the 7-year-old Spiderman

The Internet has inspired films as one of the videos shows a seven-year-old Indian boy climbing the walls like Spider-Man, a Marvel superhero, is rounding out on the various social media platforms.

An IAS officer MV Rao clip shared on Twitter has a kid trying to climb a pillar. Though he slides numerous times, he reaches the summit and remembers enjoying his achievement once he touches the ground.

"This kid is my Guru" states in the video title. The clip had over 117k views within 24 hours after being uploaded. While a couple of users confused the kid into a girl, several of them identified the kid in the comment area as Arat Hosseini, a player from the Liverpool Academy. Art is no stranger to social media and he earned a distinction among internet users for his exercises and antics conducted under his father's supervision.

The users are very appreciative of the video.

The video was originally published on Arat's Instagram in 2018, with over 1.6 million views to date. The original clip was highlighted as "Spiderman."