The Number of]Android's Active Users Cross the 3 Billion Mark: Google

Google I/O 2021 has recently taken place virtually due to the current COVID 19 pandemic. During the case, an announcement was made that the active devices running Android above the 3 billion marks were released. It tells us the stunning global reach of the Android operating system.

This latest number reveals that since the Google I/O Developers Conference last held in 2019, 500 million Android apps have been introduced. Moreover, after 2017 when android users reached the threshold of 2 billion, one billion people all importantly the world began using the Android operating system.

The news of this milestone was announced during Google I/O 2021 by Sameer Samat, Google's vice president of product management. These numbers were gleaned from Google Play store records, which indicates that there are millions of Android devices not preinstalled with Google Play Store, such as Huawei smartphones, Amazon Fire devices, and more that may also be higher than current estimates.

The estimated number of active Android devices shows the popularity and development of Android apps worldwide. The number of daily Android users is considerably higher than that of iOS users who have just passed the milliard mark. Android will certainly remain a pilot for the next few years while Google tries to redesign Android's wheel.

In addition, Google unveiled the coming operating system for Android 12 and revealed a list of eligible mobile models to upgrade the beta. Moreover, a host of brands including TVs, tablets, and a variety of smart home appliances continue to provide flexibility to the Android OS.

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