The Video of mountain lion stalking hiker goes viral

A man was stalked by a mountain lion after a trek in the US state of Utah in an appalling encounter captured on camera.

When Jared Smith first found the wild cat, he wandered along the Broads Fork Trail.

Smith shared in an interview that the cougar emerged suddenly, and was about 20-30 feet away. "When I saw something from the trailside, I walked back down the path and was about a mile from going home into the parking lot," he said.

While he was petrified, Smith was still struggling to remain cool and away. But for more than five minutes, the mountain lion followed.

Since Smith shared the video of the has gone viral.

The animal left the trail almost after five minutes. "Five minutes before her session, she just went to the side of the trail, and I kept back up for a minute or two, just talking because I did not see her going to," Smith said. Smith then began to sprint away from the place until he had sure that the animal wasn't near him anymore.

Although the incident shook left Smith, he told the news site it wouldn't stop him again on the trail. "I would probably take a few days to do so, but I enjoy it so much. I know this is so unusual.