This is the first phone with Snapdragon 775G

A new 7-series flagship chipset was recently developed by Qualcomm. This chipset is also very powerful and expensive, having model number SM7350. Now the team is working on a project that has just been slightly downgraded and is called Snapdragon 775G, model number SM7325. A Chinese leakster has stated that the first phone with the 775G is Honor 50 and that this is the Snapdragon 775G.

Many people are pleased by the high features at low prices from Huawei and Samsung. For people who do not want to pay so much, Honor 50 is an inexpensive option. On the other side, the flagship Snapdragon 888 would cost Honor 50 Pro and the Honor 50 Pro+ expensive.

However, we believe that these products will be launched in June and in July, as a lack of chipset is likely to end in that time. the company has no release date or other features of devices.

Honor 50 also comes with Google services by using a chipset from an American company Qualcomm. This means the Honor will enter the smartphone car independently of Huawei. This would also end the US-China smartphone war and may also increase the company's quarterly results with these new changes.

Huawei's a well-prepared company, without a doubt, and by holding Huawei and Honor as two different companies, it has shown how its business sense really stands and how close it's to regaining the top spot in the smartphone industry again.