This WhatsApp scam allows criminals to reach your messages

The latest news reports show a fresh WhatsApp scam that locks users out of their own accounts when the scam falls. They sent notifications that they appear to be after a six-digit code, according to multiple users.

A letter from a friend will then be sent to the victims who said:

"Hi, sorry, I have mistakenly given you a 6-digit code, can you please pass it to me? Is it urgently necessary?"

You will grant these hackers full access to your account when you submit the code. When you upgrade your computer, you create this code. This code is only intended for users to obtain an index of their posts.

"Three members of my family have lost access to their WhatsApp this morning," one of the users who lost their accounts says. Hackers send a verification code SMS from WA, then WhatsApp from someone else you know said they need the code desperately. Do not give a code or click on the link."

In addition, ProPrivacy's Ray Walsh Digital Privacy Expert stated:

"WhatsApp users need to watch for a new scam that enables cybercriminals to break into WhatsApp accounts. Anyone receiving a blue message with a one-time PIN code should be highly cautious, for that is how the attack starts.

If the unexpected OTP code has been sent, the hacker sends a direct message to the user pretending to be a friend and/or contact. They further request that the code be sent by declaring that the code was incorrectly sent to them.

This code simply is the two-factor security code for entering the WhatsApp account of the victim and, if the victim sends it to the hacker, it is used to hack the account.

Be still looking for text messages that have an OTP code and never send, or screenshot, or transfer such codes to someone else regardless of how real they are."

Users can be very cautious and careful about such spam notifications and not share their code with others. Facebook has not issued any security patches in relation to this issue.