TikTok is launching a LinkedIn-like job recruiting feature

TikTok videos are more and more comprised of career guidance, where influencers share ideas for internships, nag work interviews, and optimize their curriculum vitae. Axios has said that TikTok enters officially LinkedIn by pilot-testing a recruiting service, which enables recruiters via video introduction to identify potential candidates on the platform.

Axios said there are anonymous outlets for the recruitment service as a separate website and most of the positions are in the enterprise sector. The recruiters of TikTok and their 700 million customers have already inevitably gravitated. Recently, Recruitics has proposed a number of areas in which brands can find job candidates from different industries.

ByteDance, a Tiktok-owned Beijing group, reported that 80 million video views were taken by the hashtag #careeradvice alone by mid-February 2021.

Video interviews can also be traced by firms like HireVue, MyInterview, and Willo. If TikTok is expanding into employment recruitment facilities, video interviews would only be popular in companies that are searching for Gen Z candidates.

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