TikToker Fined to Make Videos on Motorway While Driving

In another case, TikToker was punished for slow movement and shooting TikTok videos with his friends on M-3 in the breach of the traffic laws on the motorway belt.

According to a study filed by Motorway Policing, driving without a license, and traffic interruptions have been punishable for elegant driving, carefree swapping of lanes.

This event worries many parents and families who do not want their children and loved ones trapped in such hazardous circumstances. However, because of TikTok video makers, it is not the first time such a thing happened.

For example, a Rawalpindi couple of TikToker were arrested on the depiction of the police in January 2021. On the famous video sharing platform, the authorities had taken a few to upload videos of themselves as cops.

The police also arrested a male Tiktoker in Sialkot in the previous year, pretending to be a monastic. Since he'd been apprehended, they seized from his possession American dollars, British Pounds, and Saudi Riyals.

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