Traffic Police of Rawalpindi Stops Issuing Drivers Licenses

The Rawalpindi City Traffic Police announced that the issuing and renewal of the driver's licence would be halted for the next 2 months, in a prudent attempt to avert the particular area outbreak of COVID‐19.

During his speech with the public, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Mazhar Iqbal, said: "The issue of all types of driving licences has therefore been suspended. The Traffic Police will facilitate all driving licences that have an expiry date between suspended time after the two-month service close ends.

The CTO ordered personnel to clean the entire premises of the headquarters of the Traffic Police and other police stations too. In the media storey, the CTO has issued stringent instructions to the police to wear masks, to maintain social isolation, and to obey all COVID-19 based SOPs.

The CTO continued that even though the lethal pandemic and hard weather situations the department appreciates the commitment of police officers to the cause of public service. He continued that the police department would get all possible assistance from the agency in case of a medical condition or emergency.