Twitter finally reopened its public request verification

Twitter reopened the public form for authentication applications after almost four years. Users will submit Twitter's prize blue verify mark requests and confirm their identity inside the application as part of the update. In the next two weeks, the "account settings" for the service will make verification requests open.

The upgrade is the first time people have publicly requested checks since the function was "stop" after a white nationalist was verified in 2017. The organization has been verifying the accounts since then, but there was no way for users to order them formally. As a result, many customers became puzzled over an unclear procedure, even after the company attempted last year to monitor the health verify quickly.

The company's first targets are journalists, brands, elected figures, activists and other "notable" personalities (including those in the sports and entertainment industries). Profiles must be online for a minimum of six months in order to pass a Twitter blue search, with a "complete" profile containing a profile images, show name, and e-mail address validated.

The use of a copy of their government ID, an official email address or a connection with their Twitter handle would also be required to prove their identity.