Twitter to Launch the New Verification Process

In 2017, Twitter stopped submissions for checking badges, and since then has been busy with a new verification program, for people who most deserve the blue tick mark.

The latest leak has shown that the new authentication process is now too close to starting Twitter. In this new phase, Twitter will ask users a number of questions and give them the chance to get the checked badge after the conditions are met. People such as activists, influencers, journalists, news agencies, government officials, etc. can apply for a verified badge.

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert, tweeted her account, saying that the Twitter loop has ended and it will start shortly. She said that the new process was in the final phase but that the tweet did not include details of an acceptable launch date or a timeframe.

In the start, Twitter said that only notable groups and individuals under a certain category had the verification process. Although these categories are largely Twitter classified. She also shared these categories with a screenshot.

Many who want a verifier inscription must apply a check of their name, their particular category, and evidence of qualifications.