Twitter urges users to allow ad tracking after App Tracking Transparency rules of Apple

Twitter has started requesting customers during a software upgrade to enable ad monitoring according to Apple's new transparency app tracking policies.

After installing update 8.65, which includes "Points" support, the Twitter users start to see a pop-up that requires them to "maintain advertising pertinent," allowing Twitter to monitor data from other firms, including various applications and websites.

By tapping the pop-up "Continue," users can redirect to the actual Transparency Sets of the App Monitoring where they can either "Do not Watch App" or enable to track.

Since iOS 14.5 released, Apple allows applications to ask users permission to monitor, but until recently, Twitter has not supported the feature.

However, Twitter messages on ad relevance are less intensive than the others in contrast to other applications. For eg, Facebook and Instagram took a frightening tactic to say that social networks are free to advertisements.

Reports suggest that 96% of users leave app monitoring deactivated, with only 4% of iPhone users in the United States actively choosing to monitor after the iOS 14.5 has been updated.