Viral video, UFO spotted flying near navy ship before disappearing into the water

The video went viral via social media that showed a UFO flying by a US Navy ship before disappearing into the ocean completely.

The mysterious object was seen flying near the American Navy at different speeds. The sources have indicated that the video was taken from the CIC in the USS Omaha, on the shore of San Diego. The pictures were taken.

The video, which was posted by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on May 14, became a social media sensation in July 2019.

He said, "US Navy has photographed and filmed "spherical" UFOs and advanced trans-medium vehicles.

"On 15 July 2019, in an alert area off San Diego, this film was taken in the CIC (Combat Information Center) of USS Omaha. This picture shows a sequence of UAP events that hit a crescendo with one of the unknown-headed goals in. There has not been found the wreckage. Nobody was recovered from the unknown craft," he said.

Jeremy also posted more information on the video and mysterious object and flew at speeds from 46 to 158 minutes before disappearance into the ocean.

"Intelligence reports remember that the 'sphere' craft proved to be able to be a trans medium and was observed descending without damage into water."

"We don't know what the Navy or Pentagon will be prepared to tell about the USS Omaha case if anything, but we're sure the incident is genuine mysteries and expects any news," he said.

The Pentagon has acknowledged, according to media, the authenticity footage of the USS Omaha and said that the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) is investigating it.