Waqar Zaka Says I Have Been Hired as a Crypto Expert by KP Govt

Wakar Zaka recently revealed on Twitter that he is going to work for the KP government as a 'crypto expert' in an amazing new creation for Crypto enthusiasts, Living On The Edge Host, and a renowned social media presence.

The decision was taken at the beginning of February 4, 2021, but Zaka chose yesterday to tell his followers about his 'new role.'

In the post, the BOL show-host reported, "I'm employed by the government of Pakistan as a crypto-expert, and I'm determined not to charge a single penny.

Essentially, his tweet speaks well for the future of cryptocurrencies in the world, but the KP government's official notice says nothing about "hiring" anyone in some capacity.

As indicated, Zaka would work along with other tailored participants as a part of the Crypto Mining Advisory Committee.