WhatsApp archived conversation will no longer clutter the inbox

In 2019, WhatsApp started creating 'vacation mode' which ignores new messages in archived chats. In last year, some rumors were made about the retirement and then recovery of the functionality. Now WhatsApp has got its own sub-section in archived chats.

WhatsApp has started testing a new slider that enables users to store saved chats after receiving a new message in the archive folder. WhatsApp is now pushing chats out of the fresh messages archive section for the uninitiated despite the chat being muted.

Archived chats have previously been moved by default down the key conversation list. Now you have a separate thread option to access from a selection of "Chat Archived" from the three-colon icon in the top right corner. All archived chats are unarchived immediately when you get a new message from the sender.

This is important because it would be unarchived if you were previously sent a message on an archived chat. Whether new messages flood, "Ignoring archived chats" will prevent you from leaving the folder without intervention. All silent or regular/unmuted chats.

That said, remember that the implementation is phased, so even though it is the same, you do not still have this option. Since WhatsApp has started testing the feature with beta customers, all users may soon have access to it.