WhatsApp delays new privacy policy again

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging site, has backtracked on its decision to push users to adopt new terms.

WhatsApp says users would not lose any features if they do not approve its updated privacy policy by May 15th, according to a new update on its website.

“As a result of this update, no one's account will be removed or their WhatsApp feature will be lost on May 15th,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

While most WhatsApp users have approved the terms of the new privacy policy, some have not had the opportunity to do so, according to the Facebook-owned business.

“For the past few months, we've been working to clear up misunderstandings and misinformation. As a reminder, this update has no effect on anyone's personal message privacy,” the spokesperson said.

However, if users do not approve the new terms, they may receive "consistent" alerts about the policy and could lose some features.

“After allowing everyone time to review, we're reminding those who haven't yet done so to review and accept,” the web page said.

WhatsApp revealed in February that it would postpone the launch of its new policy from February to May.

Over the last year, Facebook has been rolling out business resources on WhatsApp as part of its strategy to increase sales from higher-growth units like WhatsApp and Instagram while also connecting the company's e-commerce infrastructure.

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