WhatsApp does not limit features for users who have not accepted with a new privacy policy

WhatsApp has received much criticized for its new privacy policy that adds new terms to ensure the app shares data with Facebook. Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced the removal of app features for users who do not accept the new policy. But the company appears to have to reconsider its decision. WhatsApp won't limit users who don't accept the new Privacy Policy according to the latest reports.

"We want to make it clear that we do not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp feature to people who have not yet approved the update in recent discussions with different authorities and privacy experts,"

A spokesman of WhatsApp said that.

WhatsApp indicated the app will be switched to a limited functionality mode in the earlier report. Users cannot access their chat list in this mode. If you are given a chat, you may open it and answer it through your notifications. Audio and video calls can also be received. A few weeks later, all calls and texts are stopped by the user.

Now, WhatsApp has revised its privacy support article to confirm that nobody has deleted or loses their accounts. In addition, the company claims that most users have accepted the update.

Whatsap said that

"We will continue to remind users sometimes and let them accept the update, even when using relevant optional features, such as calling, a Facebook-supported company. We expect that this approach would reinforce the choice between all users and a business."