WhatsApp is Now Blocking Palestine Based Journalists

Many journalists around the Gaza Strip have reported that, following the cessation of fire between the IDF and Hamas officials, WhatsApp has disabled their accounts.

Accordingly, some 17 journalists in Gaza reported their WhatsApp accounts were blocked on Friday, 21 May, in an al-Jazeera report. Only four journalists working at Qatar's news agency were able to go back to their accounts by Monday this week, while the rest accounts remain blocked.

While WhatsApp has blocked "around 100 journalists" in Gaza for many weeks now, a group based out of Haifa (an Israeli-occupied city) reported that there were over 500 cases concerning the violation of Palestinian digital rights since 6 May 2021. Fifty percent were Facebook, 11 percent were Twitter-related, 35 percent Facebook-related and 1 percent TikTok.

In the meanwhile, despite the number of complaints received, Facebook still has to respond to those claims.