WhatsApp Now shows bigger photos and chats videos

WhatsApp also added another feature for consumers of cross-platform chat applications. WhatsApp now has a function that shows a larger chat interface for photos and videos. This feature was advertised on Twitter by the brand. You will definitely be given this feature if you use the latest version of the software.

"WhatsApp's photos and videos are smaller today, but no one is going to get lost. This is the best excuse for smiling," said WhatsApp on Twitter.

WhatsApp has launched a beta version for Android and has updated it via the Google Play Beta Program — up to

WhatsApp works on a number of features at present. WhatsApp is scheduled to publicly move the experience of chat between its two respective operating systems, according to some latest sources. The upcoming feature will allow iOS users to export chats, maybe as an external file, and then load those same files on Android devices and import them via WhatsApp.

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