WhatsApp to Allow Users to Transferred Chat History Data to New Phone Number

WhatsApp will function to help its users share their chat history as they use a different phone number and move to a new phone. The application of A Chat Migration Tool allows this development. The Chat migration platform is currently being tested to benefit those who want to migrate from Android phones and iPhones to their WhatsApp accounts.

For eg, you will be able to move the old WhatsApp chat history to the current smartphone if you change your phone number from an existing Android phone to a new iPhone.

WhatsApp allows users to update their phone numbers without missing any of their chats or results. You can already transfer chats, but it must be on the same network as your old phone when you update a new smartphone and phone. The update allows you to pass the past of chat whether you're two models for iPhones or two Android devices. WhatsApp currently has no capacity for chat conversion between Android and iPhone, which is the aim of the messaging app to enable this change through its tool for chat migration history.

We should say that when you sign in on their WhatsApp account on the New phone for the first time and not later in conversations, users will only be able to transfer their chat. The method for transferring from one device to another is used for any additional chats.