WhatsApp to provide text-based sticker suggestions when texting

WhatsApp makes our lives easier and we felt more connected even miles apart to our loved ones. Words are used as essential blocks of keeping linked, but stickers will link us more socially as they have a bigger effect than words. This is the primary reason why stickers are increasingly common and all social media applications continue to introduce new stickers according to the current situation. Since WhatsApp is still one move further, stickers that can add to your words will soon be launched.

The new feature being developed would propose stickers based on the words you type. This feature is started for Android and iOS alike. While the firm has not confirmed that this feature has worked, some references to its work have been published online.

The application would initially be confined to WhatsApp native stickers and introduced later on for all stickers. Apple and Google are now providing their customers with contextual emojis and stickers.

The new recommendation function for WhatsApp stickers would review the first word in the chat bar typed by the user and recommend appropriate stickers for the suggestion. A screenshot and a video have been provided that confirms in the textbox the default sticker icon that informs the user when a sticker is present. Users will display the recommendation by clicking on this button.

This feature can't be seen by beta testers so we can't expect it to be enjoyable soon.

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