Windows 10 provides protection for Ransomware that can be enabled easily

The first line of defense for those using Windows 2021 is for Windows 10 ransomware support.

Ransomware not only refuses access to information but also requires payment of a ransom. Increasingly, criminals are now moving to so-called "Double Extortion," threatening to release personal data from users if separate money is not charged quickly.

Not many Windows users know that but Microsoft provides integrated ransomware defense under the Virus & Threat Protection system, which you can access under Windows Defender.

The basic elements to turn it on are not difficult: All you need is to key in the "Ransomware Security" search bar of Windows 10 Cortana (located in the lower-left corner of the screen).

Cyber hackers are increasingly paid for ransomware. In 2020, ransomware average costs almost tripled to $312,493 in 2020 while ransomware demand reported at most rose to $30 Million in recent years. Last month, Apple targeted a Ransomware attack of 50 million dollars, with leaked iMac and MacBook information.

Researchers have repeatedly warned against winning and being ever more trusted by Ransomware attackers over time.