Xiaomi’s Upcoming Earbuds are Called Mi FlipBuds Pro

Xiaomi revealed yesterday that it is working on a new pair of fully wireless ANC earphones to breach coverage on 13 May. A few hours after the launch, the firm has posted on its official web page two teaser posters and the names of the earbuds.

Mi FlipBuds Pro is the latest earbuds. It is designed with the new logo of the company.

The teasers show both the concept and the load case of the earbuds. The earbuds are very much like the Mi True Wireless earbuds introduced with a similar Ear design and a similar stem last year.

The box looks very different, on the other hand. The new Xiaomi logo on the back has a mini-LED as the front-loading sign, which looks like a blend of Apple and HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro.

We won't learn the word 'FlipBuds Pro' for the first time. Back in February, the firm labeled 'FlipBuds' and 'FlipBuds Pro.'

Not much is clear about the specifications of the earbuds. Xiaomi also revealed that only up to 40db of noise can be minimized.