YouTube is Testing a New Feature 'Timestamped Comment'

YouTube updates the app with several helpful functions continuously. It added additional resolution controls to the application recently. YouTube is also working on a new comment feature that is timed. This new feature would allow its users to comment on a particular video moment, the company said. Anyone who watches will then see their comment at the moment in the video.

In the official blog post, YouTube said,

At the moment, we're testing a new feature to display feedback that is timed to exactly the time you watch a video. This project is available in several videos for a select number of people and we will try making this feedback more widely. Go to the comments section for iOS or Android to see whether you're part of the experiment and tap Sort to pick "Timed Beta."

This experimental feature is only for users using the latest update of the software. As already stated. In addition, this function can be turned on with the sort button in the comment section of the mobile app's video. When the feature is on, feedback can be made when the progress bar passes through the timestamps at the bottom of the video.

You would likely have seen this feature there if you are a SoundCloud user. Let's see that both users have access to it.