YouTube Shorts to Give $100 Million to the Popular Creators

Good news! YouTube Shorts were valued by offering $100 million to the most popular creators. Everybody is aware that TikTok raises the bar for other social networks so that other applications are competing with it by introducing short videos. The short video site has been popular with others. So for YouTube Shorts. This is the case. Now, it reported an investment of $100 million to pay influencers and creators of content.

This week Youtube has launched the fund that will be used to reward its shorts platform's most popular creators. The study says that the total is allocated to an unknown number of users between 2021 and 2022. The company mentioned in the blog that it would choose to pay for its popularity. It also requires the videos to be original and to follow the laws of the YouTube community in order to be rewarded.

YouTube said, "We go to thousands of designers every month, the videos of whose contributions have gained more vision and popularity,"

Shorts allow for up to 60 seconds of recording and editing videos. Music, text, and simple filters can be added. You may add more effects in the future.

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