YouTube to give $100 million to the most popular creators on “Shorts”, answer to TikTok

"The Shorts Fund is the first step on our path to create Shorts on YouTube a long-term monetization model," YouTube said in a blog post. He added that in the coming months, the fund will be launched.

The fund is one of Google's efforts to expand its Shorts users and designer base, a response to TikTok-like platforms. The fund has been announced. YouTube is the most recent fund to use to attract the mobile platform's influencers.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, said shorts get 6.5 billion per day views worldwide. After beta at the beginning of the year, YouTube started shorts for all US users earlier this month.

In a post published on the site, anyone can participate in the fund by making "unique" shorts to "delight the YouTube crowd," YouTube said it is going to get thousands of creators who get the most commitment and insights every month and also urge them to share their feedback on the platform.