Apple and Samsung expect to face supply issues as a result of COVID-19

According to recent reports, Apple and Samsung have supply issues for their products, namely cellphones, since Vietnam, where the majority of their facilities are located, is presently dealing with a fresh wave of COVID-19. As a result, supply has not matched the different customer expectations, posing a new dilemma for both tech beasts.

The COVID-19 virus is presently harming key facilities in the country's northern areas, where the supply is most prevalent. The virus spread swiftly, infecting almost 3,000 people in 30 different places. This has had a direct impact on many enterprises and businesses inside the corporations. According to one of Apple's suppliers, the tech giant has divided its staff into two teams to satisfy customers' expectations while also protecting worker safety.

The same cannot be said for Samsung, which has multiple plants and facilities in Korea but has not taken any equivalent action. However, it is believed that Samsung would do something to ensure that supply does not decrease.

However, the question here is whether the prices of Samsung and Apple devices would rise or whether there will be less product supply in the market globally.