Biden Government Will Review Trump Policies against Tiktok and Wechat

To reduce popular TikTok and We Chat apps, the White House has lifted Trump management orders. Yesterday, Biden officials announced that their own review will identify national security issues for software applications based in China.

A new management directive directs the Trade Department to investigate apps developed or provided or controlled by China described by authorities as evidentiary-based evaluation. Officials are particularly concerned about applications collecting users' personal data or linking it to the Chinese military or intelligence.

However, a senior source has stated that the Trump measures have not always been applied, and this research attempts to provide clear guidelines for the evaluation of specific privacy and security issues for each application. He said that this might lead to a range of possible further measures by application. We want to use a tough, customized approach here, he continued.

In addition, the Department will propose means of better securing and safeguarding personal information in America and addressing the concerns of some software applications in China or elsewhere, according to top administration officials. Although it did not comment on TikTok and WeChat.

Biden Management also mentioned 59 businesses were prohibited from investing in the United States, including those creating and operating technologies to monitor Muslim minorities.