Dell Discontinues The Alienware Graphics Amplifier Officially

Recently, with the recent announcement of X15 and X17 light gaming laptops, Alienware has officially discontinued its renowned Alienware Graphics Amplifier. The X15 and X17 do not support an external GPU interface.

The aim of this amplifier was to improve the graphics power of a computer to a much higher level than if people had the improved graphics on high-end playback computations. First unveiled in 2014, the amplifier had an early price tag of $299. It is not apparent whether Alienware operates the following external GPUs at the conclusion of the amplifier.

However, these amplifiers were very practical to include in the quite limited output line of external GPUs thanks to the GPU's 460W power supply and some decent price ranges. In addition, Thunderbolt 3 ports have been used by these eGPUs rather than by proprietary cables, which selected the eGPUs based on consumer convenience.

Check the video below for an accurate view of the appliance to obtain a flashback to the golden days of an amplifier:

But with Alienware abandoning their amplifier, the issue here is whether AMD and Nividia will be countered soon?